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Security Measures

Everyone, including the press, backstage event personnel, convention members, and government facilities--anywhere else with restricted access--are familiar with the benefits of using ID badges easily shown, easily worn, and hard to misplace.

Colors with a Purpose

While offering plastic reels in several colors is popular with businesses promoting a brand, business security benefits with color-coded reels and badge covers to quickly identify levels of security, making access point checking and restriction enforcement more efficient.

"I’m with..."

Identification cards aren't just for internal security purposes. Press members, subcontractors, visitors and others who often require identification to new places know the practicality and professionalism of keeping their staff well-indentified visibly to reduce as much checkpoint hassle as possible. We feature a whole range of styles to fit these needs, plastic and metal regular badge clips, premium carabiner clips, and lanyards.

Look as Pro as you Are

Take color matching one step higher and add your company’s logo right on the face of your retractable reel at our partner, LogoBarProducts.com. There you’ll find more than custom identification products, but a whole range of promotional materials that benefit business marketing.

Some popular security products:

This larger carabiner reel with split ring is a sturdy choice with a long cord.

The large face on this shiny metal reel can be customized easily with your graphics.

This larger heavy duty reel features a steel cable. Built for a long life.

This carabiner reel is one of the more in-demand retail products and comes in four colors.

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